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Baird Chairman & CEO Paul Purcell Highlighted in Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle

The Economic Club of Colorado recently hosted an event honoring the leaders of companies known for being outstanding places to work. Baird Chairman & CEO Paul E. Purcell was one of those honored, and sat down with the Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle to discuss the firm’s culture and success.

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When we decided to become Financial Advisors, we were driven by a deep desire to help clients achieve their personal goals and deliver great outcomes for the people they care about. By thoroughly understanding their unique situations and following our unwavering commitment to their best interests, we have closely guided high-net-worth individuals, corporate executives and families through many market cycles.

In Baird, we have a partner with world-class resources and deep expertise that shares our passion for wealth management and supports us in our mission to provide the very best advice and service we can in important areas.

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